Expert Insights – November 2023

Have you ever faced a situation where you know how you should act, but fail to do so? In November’s Expert Insights, Mike shares the famous quote “To know and not do, is to now yet know” – Confucius. The key difference between our LMI programs and other forms of training is the process of spaced repetition where knowledge is not only obtained but behaviors are changed.

Explore Dianne’s Coaching Corner for insightful tips on creating and sustaining a positive work atmosphere, as well as expressing gratitude consistently. Delve into the complete article, “Giving Meaningful “THANKS” to Your Team”, to discover practical approaches that can enhance your leadership impact and sincerity.

In the current month, we commemorated the accomplishments of 23 graduates from five distinct companies that place their trust in our programs and prioritize investment in their workforce. Stay connected with us on LinkedIn and join in extending congratulations to these individuals for their remarkable achievements in both personal and professional settings.

Our 2024 Open Enrollment Programs are posted! Pricing will increase in January 2024 so REGISTER NOW at the 2023 prices!

Expert Insights – November 2023


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