Want to know what we’ve been up to so far in 2024?

  1. 2024 has been busy with so many of our clients achieving positive results. Here are some examples:
    • 59 participants have graduated from an LMI program and continued their Total Leader journey!
    • A multi-site manufacturing company utilized our Achiever Assessment to dive into group dynamics and improve communication.
    • Project Management support in a Distribution Center focused on improving receiving, stocking, picking/packing and shipping processes.
    • Quality Engineering support on complex manufacturing.
    • Expert staffing placed on-site to provide training and guidance of advance manufacturing.
    • Project Management and Technical support for an international project – training of local resources focused on safety, quality & delivery.
    • Multiple kaizen events with results such as:
      • Reduced scrap
      • Improved machine availability
      • Advanced training of cross-functional teams
      • End to end demand management and fulfillment improvements
      • Machine set-up optimization – increased OEE
      • Reduced order backlog
      • Improved inventory management
    • Individual and Team coaching to support succession planning, development of top talent and improvement planning.
    • Site wide assessments with action plan development focused on high & medium priorities.
  2. Our goal is to support long-term positive behavioral changes for organizations and individuals – I think you would agree the examples above are a great start to that journey!

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