Attention ALL Leaders – How do you lead YOURSELF?

How do you lead yourself?

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by Dianne Ward,
Dir. of Org. Dev.

It is a not an easy question, and one that most of us never take the time to answer. The truth is that personal leadership is the foundation for formal leadership and becoming a Total Leader, and this is what ultimately shines through to the teams we lead.

So, what is personal leadership? We define it as the ability to lead yourself – to be the self-motivated leader of your own life. 

This may still sound a little mysterious, so we will go deeper by answering a couple of self-evaluation questions:

  1. I know the purpose for my life?
  2. I have a written plan for the goals that are most important in my life?
  3. I know my values?
  4. I am a self-starter and can motivate myself by taking actionable steps daily?
  5. I take full responsibility for my life and my results?

At its core, personal leadership is about leading oneself with purpose, integrity, and self-awareness. It’s the art of taking charge of one’s life, setting a clear direction, and consistently making choices aligned with one’s values and goals.  The possession of a strong sense of personal leadership allows you to concentrate on genuine internal fulfillment, sense of worth, and the satisfaction that comes from contributing to your life and the lives of others.

We have an entire program dedicated to Personal Leadership and becoming a Total Leader, and our participants will tell you that this concept is not easy to grasp, but well worth the effort to understand and acquire. 

If you would like to start the journey of uncovering your unique Personal Leadership, we invite you to join one of our classes.   We would be happy to help you with the first step of defining your goals and how you want to obtain them.  We would be honored to help you on your journey of discovering your personal leadership.   We are committed to helping you find the perfect learning solution for you – we are committed to your success!


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