Expert insights – September 2023

Do you have a self-development plan? In this month’s Expert Insights, Mike describes people development as either “green and growing or ripe and rotting”. Whether it be your personal development or the development of your team, OpX Solutions can get you on the right track.

In Dianne’s Coaching Corner, we are reminded that ongoing learning is important for everyone. Check out Dianne’s article “Back To School (Starts with YOUR Plan)” and see where you fall in your own development plan.

Check out this Slight Edge tip on the different levels of delegation and how you can coach and mentor your team members to climb that ladder toward greater autonomy and success. Watch this and others on our OpX Solutions – YouTube page.

Still deciding if leadership development it something you need? Come listen to our President, Mike Leigh and our Director of Leadership Development, Lois James, speak at the Business Success Symposium on September 27th or visit our booth at the Southern Automotive Conference on October 18th & 19th and let’s get the conversation started.

Expert Insights – September 2023


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