Expert insights – October 2023

Is your glass “half-full” or “half-empty”? In this month’s Expert Insights, we are reminded that those who are positive and look at life with a “half-full” perspective tend to be more successful. If we can help fill your glass, please let us know.

In Dianne’s Coaching Corner, she provides some common pitfalls and “The Golden Rules of Feedback”. Jump into her article, “Feedback – Trick? or Treat”, to see if you have room to improve your feedback skills.

In this Slight Edge tip, Mike explains how taking personal responsibility and making positive changes towards your goals can make all the difference in your success. Watch this and others on our OpX Solutions – YouTube page.

Join Mike Leigh and Peter Mierke with OpX Solutions at the Southern Automotive Conference on October 18th & 19th or The South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and EXPO on November 9th & 10th to learn how we can help you achieve growth and improved performance in your organization!

Expert Insights – October 2023


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