To help understand the concepts and application of Lean, we provide a wide range of training options to support your needs. Our goal is to provide only the amount of training necessary to help your team prepare for more rapid results. All of our training includes simulations and practical exercises to help participants learn.

Training Services

We offer three different training programs/classes that meet the needs of almost any organization. Each program is tailored to your industry and needs.

Lean Fundamentals – A four-hour class that provides a basic overview of Lean principles, and demonstrates the most common tools used to make process improvements. This class includes table-top simulations and practical exercises. This class is suitable for everyone in your organization to introduce the main concepts of Lean and kick-off developing a continuous improvement culture.

Lean Fundamentals for Leaders – This 6-hour class provides the basic overview of Lean Fundamentals, but adds a component designed for the leadership team.  This extra material helps leaders understand their critical role in successfully implementing a Lean culture.

Lean Practitioner – This program provides more in-depth study and application of the tools and principles of Lean. Designed for more active kaizen participants and your continuous improvement leaders, this 16-module, 4-day program consists of both classroom training and practical exercises. Participants will develop greater understanding of Lean concepts, while they provide a real benefit to your business as they discover waste and develop improvement ideas.