ToolboardThe word “kaizen” means “change for the good”, and it represents the Lean continuous improvement philosophy. Assessing your current situation is necessary, and training is often needed, but conducting a kaizen activity is what actually improves your business.

Skills such as riding a bike or building a house cannot easily be learned by reading a book. Likewise, when applying the principles of Lean, it’s easy to learn the concepts, but much harder to put them into practice without guidance from a teacher, or “sensei”. At OpX Solutions, this is where we excel! Our sensei have consulted hundreds of kaizen work teams across dozens of businesses, helping organizations improve lead time, safety, quality, and cost; while teaching leaders and participants how to best apply the concepts of Lean. We can do the same for your organization.

Everyone needs a sensei, and our consultants are no different. Some of us learned our skills working side by side with consultants from Shingijutsu, considered by many to be the best Lean consultants in the world. Our mission now is to pass on that skill to other continuous improvement leaders.