Too often, organizations make large investments toward process improvements, but later find out their results were much poorer than expected. Usually this happens because the current process was not well understood, and root causes were not identified. At OpX Solutions, we understand that it is imperative to observe and assess processes to identify waste. Using the Lean tools of Value Stream Mapping, Observations, and 5-Whys, our sensei can quickly identify and describe what is really happening in your organization so that subsequent improvement efforts are effective.

Value Stream Map

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) – VSM is a visual tool that is used to describe current state conditions and help identify where flow stops in a value stream. Our sensei often work with teams to create a VSM to help an organization understand where to focus its limited resources.

Observations – In order to reduce/eliminate waste in a process, the waste must first be identified in its current form. This can only be done effectively through direct observation of the process. Learning how to effectively observe a process and identify waste is a skill that cannot be learned in a classroom, but is one that we can help you develop.

5-Whys – Sometimes an organization implements a change to eliminate waste without clearly knowing the root cause of the waste. By asking “Why?” multiple times, we can identify the true root cause of the waste in your process.