We provide a variety of different programs to support the needs of our clients. All of our programs, however, use the same fundamental LMI process that has been successful for thousands of clients worldwide. The LMI process includes:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • True development and behavior change
  • Measurable results

Any of the below programs can be conducted at your facility. Contact us for more information.

Effective Personal Productivity

Effective Personal Productivity®

This 8-session program will help participants develop better habits in time management, goal setting, achieving results, controlling priorities, communicating effectively, and dealing with interruptions. This program is appropriate for anyone that would benefit from improved productivity.

Effective Personal Leadership

Effective Personal Leadership®

Participants in this 15-session course will realize their potential for personal leadership, make choices for success, increase self-motivation, and develop a written and specific Plan of Action for success.

Effective Leadership Development

Effective Leadership Development®

This 10-session program designed for managers and supervisors, will develop participants’ motivation and delegation skills, fine-tune time management skills, and learn how to better exercise authority effectively, handle and prevent people problems, and develop employees’ potential.

Effective Motivational Leadership

Effective Motivational Leadership®

Participants in this 10-session program will learn to create winning teams, lead organizational change and innovation, build and communicate a vision for the future, and create an organization of leaders. This program is designed for senior managers and executives.

Effective Strategic Leadership

Effective Strategic Leadership®

This one-year program takes a strategic leadership team through a complete planning process, and develops their strategic leadership skills. Participants will clarify strategic purpose, complete a comprehensive strategic assessment, develop a strategic plan, and implement a plan of action.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication®

Help your people improve their communication skills with this 8-session program. Participants will understand styles of behavior, the art of active listening, solving problems through more effective communication and communicating in groups (from planning to presenting).

Effective Team Dynamics

Effective Team Dynamics®

Give your teams the tools to develop high-performance teamwork in this 4-session program. Your teams will learn to work together to achieve goals, assume responsibility and accountability, and improve team communication, trust, support and collaboration.

Created by Katemangostar -

Leadership for Women®

Women face unique challenges as they move higher in their organizations. This program explores these challenges and helps participants to develop the critical attitudes, self-confidence and qualities that meet the demands of modern business.

The learning experience combines individual leadership assessment, experiential learning, and frank discussion about obstacles in the workplace with a facilitated process for professional development and career planning.

Who Will Benefit?

  • Women in all fields currently in leadership roles.
  • Women preparing for promotion to higher management positions.
  • Women exploring career alternatives.