Testing and survey instruments have long been effective tools to help employers make the most of their human capital. As part of our strategic development process, OpX Solutions offers awareness tools via assessment and survey instruments that can help enhance the performance of your organization.

The Achiever

The Achiever is a unique assessment that combines mental aptitudes and personality measurement in one instrument. It also has a system that provides scores on a scale that can be related to job requirements of a benchmark of successful performers. The Achiever is a useful assessment tool for both current employees and potential new hires.

The Achiever measures six mental aptitudes and 10 personality traits including: Mental Acuity, Business Terms, Memory Recall, Vocabulary, Numerical Perception, Mechanical Interest, Energy, Flexibility, Organization, Communication, Emotional Development, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Mental Toughness, Questioning/Probing, and Motivation.

The Development Needs Inventory™

Development Needs Inventory

The Development Needs Inventory™ (DNI™) is a 360-degree instrument that is administered over the internet and designed to allow managers, supervisors, and others in leadership positions to better understand their strengths and development needs. The information provided by the DNI™ will help facilitate the individual’s growth and progress and as a result increase his/her effectiveness in the organization. The results of the DNI™ , along with the interpretation and feedback session, provide participants with a sound basis for setting development goals and tracking their development over a period of time.

Organizational Needs Inventory

The ONI consists of a 126-item survey in which participants describe conditions as they exist at present (“actual”) and as they would exist under ideal circumstances. OpX Solutions administers the survey to ensure its reliability and the autonomy of participants.

The ONI offers a comprehensive analysis of an organization from the perspective of it’s employees. It consists of a 126-item survey which provides your organization a basis for a better understanding of:

  • how your employees describe your organization and their views about what an “ideal” organization would look like.
  • how your employees describe your dominant leadership style and their views on how it should look.
  • how your employees describe your culture and their views on an “ideal” culture.
  • provide insight into the areas of compatibility among your present organizational design, predominant leadership style, and culture.
  • identify what changes in attitudes would be beneficial moving forward.

Responses are confidentially processed, and a comprehensive report is prepared which pinpoints areas of opportunity. For more information, please contact us.