The Total Leader – December 2017

Do you know the common elements of successful teams and how to create them in your organization?  Our Total Leader this month will help you recognize and better understand those necessary elements.  Also, find out how to set yourself apart from others as a motivational leader.

Plus, learn about LMI’s Canadian Client of the Year (hint: a credit union) and find out how they transformed their organization, including beating the competition’s growth by 3% and increasing their loan growth by 22% with carefully chosen leadership development programs.

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November 2017 Total Leader

In today’s information economy, to prosper and even to survive, an organization must tap into the creativity, imagination, and decision-making capabilities of every employee. This means that the people you employ – along with the information, knowledge, and skills they possess – are the most important resource in your organization. Consequently, the very nature of leadership has radically changed. Are you a modern day leader adapting to those changes?

In this month’s Total Leader:

  • Effective Leaders Seek Strong Teams, page 1
  • Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities, page 3
  • Encourage Active Discussion, page 3
  • Our South African Affiliate World Client of the Year, pages 4-5
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October 2017 Total Leader

What are the qualities of good leaders? In this month’s Total Leader, learn how you can exhibit the qualities of good leadership.

Also enjoy the following articles:

  • Build a Successful Team, page 3
  • Be Remembered for Your Successes, page 3
  • Our European Affiliate World Client of the Year, pages 4-5

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September 2017 Total Leader

Brush up on your leadership skills with some motivational articles that will help you excel professionally.  This month’s Total Leader includes the following articles as well as a success story from our Japanese affiliate, SMI, about their World Client of the Year:

  • Let a Positive Attitude Drive Your Success, pages 1-2.
  • Choose Courage, page 2.
  • Plan Your Future With Goals, page 3.
  • Facing Challenges Head On, page 3.
  • Japanese Affiliate, SMI’s, World Client of the Year, pages 4-5.

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August 2017 Total Leader

The August Total Leader includes:

  • Motivate Others With A Positive Attitute, pages 1-2: A motivational climate sets the scene for maximizing the talents and abilities of the people who make up an organization.
  • Manage Authority Effectively, page 3:Self-discipline is at the very core of success.
  • A Winner Never Gives Up, page 3: The new-found confidence that is yours from the exercise of personal leadership attracts other people.
  • Meet Leadership Management International’s Client of the Year, page 4
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July 2017 Total Leader

The July Total Leader includes the following articles:

  • How Much Time Do You Invest in Goals?, pages 1-2: To ensure adequate time to undertake exciting new projects, all members of the organization need to practice time-proven goal-setting principles of effective personal productivity.
  • Believe in Your Team, page 3: Create synergy that enables your team members working together to accomplish much more than if they worked solo.
  • Work Harder, Not Smarter, page 3: Take charge of your time by establishing priorities for yourself and your team members.
  • Recognizing Defensive Behaviors, page 4: Understanding the reasoning behind certain actions can help you deal effectively with people when they display defensive behavior.
  • Take Charge of Your Life and Priorities, page 5: You can, by conscious practice, refine your skill in visualization and turn it into a forceful habit that improves your personal productivity.

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June 2017 Total Leader

Start your summer off right with these helpful articles on improving your leadership skills.  This month you’ll find ways to better develop the habits you need to be successful.  Learn how to cultivate and grow your leadership skills thereby improving the effectiveness of your team.

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May 2017 Total Leader

Are you at the top of your game? We can help motivate you to reach for the next level.

This month’s Total Leader covers essential leadership skills including setting priorities, team accountability, visualization, and motivational culture.

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April 2017 Total Leader

We can all learn to be better leaders.  This month’s Total Leader will help in your personal and professional life.

Topics this Month are:

  • Live Each Day with Positive Expectancy
  • Discover the Potential Within
  • Positively Influence your Team
  • Be the Light that Guides your Team
  • View Difficulties as Opportunities to Grow

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March 2017 Total Leader

Spring Forward with these Leadership Suggestions:

  • Leading Others in a World of Change
  • Boost Team Productivity
  • Believe in Yourself and Your Abilities
  • View the Usual in an Unusual Way
  • Encourage Your Team to be Successful
  • Solving Problems at Work Productively

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February 2017 Total Leader

Focus in February on these 6 Tips:

  • Engage in Goal Setting for Direction
  • Use Your Potential to Succeed
  • Are you a Valuable Leader?
  • View the Usual in an Unusual Way
  • Solve Problems with Strong Leadership
  • Use Your Potential to Maximize Performance

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January 2017 Total Leader Newsletter

Kick off 2017 with these empowering tips on Leadership Development:

  • Crystallize Your Thinking to Succeed
  • Utilize the Power of Delegation
  • Embrace Change
  • Build a Strong Foundation for Success
  • Attitudes and Actions Go Hand in Hand

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